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"Where Beauty & Enchantment Are Created"



Australia's own Specialist Breeder of the Enchanting & Rare Little Singapura Cats:

(Below)  Singapura stud boy Ch Mangala Malachite & myself

Available Kittens:

Devon Rex Kittens available for adoption - click here

Singapura Kittens available for adoption - click here



 "The Cat of Love !"  

(The Cat Fancy's Best Kept Secret)

  picture of a Singapura Kitten

(ABOVE) Mangala Lil Cricket

Bewitching eyes ??

(ABOVE) Mangala Lil Freckles


  For complete details please click on

 Mangala and Myruna Cats - Show Results


(ABOVE) Mangala Faith & Destiny


Are you looking for a special kind of cat ?

Small easy to care for & feed

Loyal, affectionate, entertaining, playful.

(ABOVE) Mangala Mini Moo

Quiet little voices that only speak when they have something to tell you.

Big enchanting eyes that bewitch you.

(ABOVE) Mangala Mini Moo

These Little cats are still very rare throughout the world.

We are Australia's own largest breeder of these treasured little Cats.

So have a look at the Singapura page, Singapura kitten page and also the Enchanting Singa page.

Click your mouse on these links to be directed to the appropriate pages.

Mangala and Myruna Cats - Singapura Kittens

Mangala and Myruna Cats - Enchanting Singa's

Mangala and Myruna Cats - About Singapura

Mangala and Myruna Cats - Adopting Kittens

After you have been bewitched by this breed, no other cat will you ever want to own.

They are simply the Cat of Love

You will not find a Singapura kitten - Cat in a Pet Shop, or advertised in any newspapers, the Singapura kittens - Cats availability is  limited.

It is an impossible task to fully explain the nature and temperament of this little breed of cat without any one thinking that you are completely mad or eccentric (which l probably am).

Singapura Cats and children ?

So very loving, tolerant and just as mischievous as their human playmates

So please take the time to read some of the letters that l have stared to add to the "Your letters" section, please click on the underlined link below.

Mangala and Myruna Cats - Your Letters

or read some of the comments on the Guest book

Guest Book

How big is a Singapura kitten when born ??

So many people often ask how big is a kitten when they are born, below are some pics of 4 new babies weighing an average of 85gms, so yes they are very tiny little critters


Singapura Kittens first meeting with their new adopted parents

Take a look at this very special "You Tube" clip featuring two of our little Singapura kittens first moments when after a scary aeroplane trip, strange noises, unfamiliar smells and into the arms of their new adopted parents.

Brave little man (Paco) is the first out of his carry box, but his sister (Belle) still un sure, has her first meal just venturing out a little to eat. Not long and both are happily playing and in love with their new parents.



Miss Belle now grown up spots a bird, Look at those gorgeous green eyes

Two gorgeous little Singapura boys were adopted by a Sydney based Photography, who go to work with her, lucky boys !


Singapura Adult Cats

Mangala Pea beau, Mangala Sizzerling Sassy & Mangala Chic a pea

The Singapura Cat is the Worlds Smallest Pedigreed Cat, as the name implies, it is a native of Singapore, where it is known as "Kuchinta" the Cat of Love. They are also known throughout the world as "little Puma Look a Likes" & the Monkey Cat due to their desire to sit perched up on your shoulders, as close to you as they can possibly get.

"Inquisitive little cherubs"

For more information please click on this link Mangala and Myruna Cats - About Singapura"

Tiny little Mangala Lotus Blossom at 7 weeks


Blossom all grown up

The bewitching faces & eyes of these stunningly beautiful cats, captivates everyone who meets them in person.

Singapura Kittens/Cats are so very Enchanting with their exquisite looks and inquisitive natures.

 The Singapura is well named as the Cat of Love - full of affection, wonderful with children and other pets, and still very rare in Australian homes.

The Singapura Kittens - Cats have soft voices and will chat away to you and your visitors  & will provide you with  hours of entertaining Singapura antics. They are the perfect family Cat - Kitten, Singapura's prefer to be on your shoulders supervising your chores and are ever eager to lend a paw to help and love to snuggle into your neck for long cuddles.

The Singapura may be the Worlds Smallest Pedigreed Cat but the Singapura or Singa as it is affectionately known, has the biggest heart with loads of love that they willingly share with everyone.

It is just about impossible to explain in detail about this intriguing little breed of cat, they are truly Mystical, Enchanting, Intuitive and like no other Cat you will have ever met before.

"If It's Not A Singapura, It's Just A Cat"

Click here to learn more about this breed - Mangala and Myruna Cats - Singapura Kittens


The Enchanting little Singapura will win & melt the hearts of all it meets.

For adoption costs on kittens please click on the underlined link

Mangala and Myruna Cats - Adopting Kittens


Two little monkeys playing !!!

These little cats are so very playful and entertaining. Singapura kittens are wonderful companions for children, so very tolerant and easy to please.

This breed fits in well with other family pets, like the dog or other cats in the household.

Please click on the underline text for more information on this wonderful little breed of cat

Mangala and Myruna Cats - About Singapura"



"Tiny little pocket rocket kittens "


"Precious" a very special Singapura kitten


"Talk to the Animals" TV Show 

Our Enchanting little Singapura kids and "Precious" appeared on this great program on August the 8th 2009, check out Precious's story on the link below, just click.

 Mangala and Myruna Cats - Enchanting Singa's


Take a peek at the TV Show about "Precious" on You Tube


We are Australia's own Specialist Breeder of these Rare and Endearing little Critters, with many of our kittens now in Paris, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, Sth Africa, Zurich, Lithuania, America and of course throughout Australia.


Please click the Adopting Kitten page link below for more detailed information

Mangala and Myruna Cats - Adopting Kittens


Please note: We will not participate and will not sell any Singapura Kittens/Cats to Breeders involved in any Singapura outcross program.


The Devon Rex cat

"the E.T. of the Cat - world"

picture of devon rex kittens

Taken by the charm and cuteness of E.T.   Then the Devon Rex Cat - kitten is a must for you!

The Devon Rex Cats - kittens are wonderful with children and get along brilliantly with other cats - dogs.  The Devon Rex Cat is very dog-like in its behaviour and tolerates children's games of 'baby in the pram' & dress ups so very well.

The Devon Rex Kitten -cat is a wonderful companion for an older pet owner, as laying or sitting with someone all day long snuggled up would make any Devon Rex a happy little cat.

They can also be very good little "Watch Cats" (guard dogs) loyal and can be fierce if need be, (they think so) some forget they are not a 50 kilo Rottweiler. But above all they love nothing more than a warm body to snuggle up to and someone that they can love. They are well known to be found in bed well under the covers of any ones bed, day and night.

The Devon Rex kitten -cat is also recommended for those families who have allergies to cats.  The smooth soft coat of the Devon Rex cat and some have little coat, means minimal fur shedding - so no fur on your furniture, clothes, carpets or up your nose.

Having bred the Devon Rex kitten - Cat for nearly 10 years now, we find that a large amount of our Devon Rex kittens are adopted to families with allergy issues. This breed has had great success in being a safe alternative breed for these families.

The Devon Rex kitten is truly quirky, but so adorable.


Chocolate Devon Rex Kitten & Seal Bi Colour Devon Rex Kitten above:

So comfortable is the Devon Rex cat with people, it is often used in patient therapy in hospitals.  The Monash Medical Palliative Care unit in Melbourne often make use of the Devon Rexes wonderful nature and character as they love to laze away the day in patients' beds (no fur in the beds) - they make wonderful hot water bottles to snuggle up to!

Click here to learn more about this breed click on these links below

Mangala and Myruna Cats - About Devon Rex

Mangala and Myruna Cats - Devon Rex Kittens




Our new girl arriving next year from Dr Johnny (DVM) & Brittney Gobble in the USA who are the founding breeders of this rare cat.

Our new boy below

arriving next year from Dr Johnny (DVM) & Brittney Gobble in the USA

Our Mission:

All our kittens are raised in the home, not in a Cattery or in a back bedroom ! 

Kittens are bought up with us under foot together with the family dogs and get to play with the grandchildren and socialize with the other house cats as they develop into confident little kittens. 

We aim to raise socially well adjusted kittens that are use to such things as the vacuum cleaner, children, dogs, lots of music and most of all lots of love and cuddles.

 We believe by raising kittens this way it is less stressful on them and they will settle quicker into their new adoptive homes.

Why choose Mangalakatz for your new kitten?


I am a Registered Specialist Australian Breeder that Show regularly, the Enchanting Little Singapura Cat, The Lykoi (werewolf cat, coming soon) and the Devilish (Low Allergenic) Devon Rex Cat.

I have been a Cat Breeder since the year 2000

I am at home full time to raise and put in that extra special effort that is required to breed and raise healthy well adjusted confident kittens with lots of personality and loving natures. 

I am not a part time hobby breeder that is at work outside the home, my kittens are not left to raise themselves. I am with them every step of the way, from birth till they leave home. Kittens are raised in a specially built nurseries within the home, not outside in a cold cattery or in a back bedroom, they are part of the household family of cats & dogs.

Being a retired Veterinary Nurse, l have a good understanding of diet requirements, hygiene in the home with raising kittens and in the management of a Breeding Cattery itself.

My Vet is available  24/7 and no kitten/cat if unwell is left till the next business day to be seen. All these issues matter a great deal in breeding healthy kittens.

All breeding queens and studs are Pk Def tested,  FELV & FIV negative.

All Singapura studs and queens are tested at UC Davis in America for PK Def ( Pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency), this is a anemia condition in which there is no cure, You should always ask to see proof that the Kittens parents have been tested if buying a Singapura kitten elsewhere.

More information is located on this page  Mangala and Myruna Cats - Adopting Kittens

All kittens are Desexed, Microchipped, Vaccinated twice or three times depending on the breed, Regularly wormed and have had external parasite spot on treatments completed before they leave home.

All our babies are adopted as  inside only companions. 

Outdoor enclosed enclosures for daytime fun is an option for some families to allow some safe outdoor playtime. 

 Although l do have mixed feelings, as some cats will then spend more time out in the outdoor enclosure than inside with the family, this has been particularly noticeable with Bengal juveniles that we use to breed. I advised that all cats should not be allowed free access at night to the outdoor play area, night feed time comes and the outdoor cat enclosure is shut off, (be strong about this please)

 Another point of interest is also not to take your kitten/cat to the enclosure via the back or front door of your home as this can be linked into your kitten/cats brain that this is the exit of your home and so some cats will finish up what we call "door rushers", hanging around the door waiting for someone not to notice them, and they then can slip through your legs before you know they are gone. 

All entry to the enclosure should be done when introducing them to the cat flap entry point, by two people, one inside and one in the outside section, one to coax the kitten/cat  through the cat flap and one to gently put it back through, till it is accustomed and is able to manage this itself.

 No kitten or cat should ever be allowed outside unsupervised or unrestrained at any time, it is just not safe.

Exciting News !

We have received Certification for Excellence in our Cattery

You can also see us on Face Book



We do not adopt out any Singapura or Lykoi kittens or Cats for Breeding in Australia.



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"Where Beauty & Enchantment are Created"


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