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About the Singapura Breed

As their name suggests, the Singapura is a natural breed, created by Mother Nature, from the gene pool native to the Malaysian Square Mile Island of Singapore.

In 1988 the Singapura Breed was accepted for Champion status as a natural occurring breed. It is the world's smallest pedigree cat, with the biggest personality. They are now known as Singapore’s National Treasure and used on their Tourist Information Brochures.

With an angelic face, captivating big bold eyes and a gentle deceptively delicate appearance, they have the ability to bewitch everyone within their reach.

They have enchanting personalities, always wanting to please and entertain you. Soft sweet little voices that question you and answer you back. They are truly pesky people pleasers.

This breed enjoys nothing better than to spend time you and the family, overseeing your daily tasks and of course getting themselves into adorable mischief.

You will find that most Singapura's enjoy being perched on your shoulders, so that they can keep an eye on everything around them and of course to keep track of you. Known in Singapore as the "Kuchinta" meaning “The Cat Of Love”.


They are also a very low maintenance breed. With a lovely sleek, close lying coat with minimal shedding which only requires your daily stroking, and a rub down with a chamois weekly to keep their coat looking just stunning.

The average weight of a male desexed Singapura Kitten is between 2.2 to 3.5 kg as an adult desexed. The female is less and so too are the entire (not desexed) cat.

This breed is not predisposed to any genetic or health problems. It is a hardy breed with having to survive as it once did in the alley's and drains in Singapore.

Males are generally more available than females, as this breed usually has small litters with more males being born than females.

Fiona with Mangala little Flip

The colour of a Singa, is called Sepia Agouti, and this is the only colour. It is described as sepia, (dark brown) ticking on an old ivory ground colour, their tummies are that of unbleached muslin. They have largish ears which have salmon hue about them, that move constantly, keeping them in tune with what is going on around them. Their little nose is outlined with nose liner, a very important factor which gives a Singapura that distinctive elf like expression, together with big bright green or amber eyes to give that wide eyed expression. They also have some inner front leg Barings and again this is also repeated on their back knees.

The Singapura loves children and mixes well with dogs and other cats. This breed seems to be non territorial and makes friends easily with the rest of the family. Often bringing out the best in another family pet.

They do not suit working families where they will be alone all day long, unless they have a companion, dog or another cat. They are very much human orientated and would fret if left all day long by themselves. The solution is to have two and twice as much loving and fun for all.

Mangalakatz Singapura Breeding Program

We are Australia's Largest Specialist Breeder of these Rare and Endearing little Critters, with many of our kittens now in Paris, Germany, Sth Africa, Zurich, New Zealand, Hawaii, United States of America, Japan, Lithuania, Denmark, Singapore and of course throughout Australia.

We are committed to this wonderful little breed of cat to breed the smallest and true to type kittens that is possible.

Our Singapura's are of PURE Singapura blood lines. We do not sell un-desexed kittens or cats to non-registered breeders, so please do not ask as the answer is always no.

International Experienced Breeders:- will be considered as long as they are also of the same philosophy to not outcross the Singapura with another breed. We are part of a Breeders Group called the "Singapurists" which we have helped establish, it is through this group of dedicated breeders that we shall work with to keep the Singapura pure.

Alas there are never very many female kittens available as this breed tends to have more males in a litter than females, and so there may be a wait for a female kitten.

We do not place Singapura kittens in homes where there is no company for them or where they will be alone every day till their human parents come home from work.

This breed adores and needs company, it would break their little hearts to be shut up all day at home by themselves, so thusly l do not let any kittens go to homes where this is the case.

Because this is such a small breed, kittens are not desexed until between 14 & 15 weeks of age, at this stage they are still smaller than a Devon Rex kitten of approximately 10 weeks of age.

So please do not think your kitten will be grown up when you collect her or him, it certainly is still a small kitten.

We were very blessed with the arrival of our first Stud boy, who came from America, and was bred by the late Mrs Tommy Meadow who was the Founder of this wonderful breed in 2004. He is a very special boy as he was one of the last that she bred before her untimely death, and thus he was named in her honour as Usaf's Captain Tom.

Cap as he is called has done extremely well on the Show Bench, achieving Gold Double Grand Champion in the space of 12 months. All of his offspring have also been very successful on the show bench with many Best of Breed and many title awards. His temperament has been passed on to his children, proving to be just as mischievous and as loving as he is still today.

Another two girls and a male joined us in March 2009 from America, which are also from Tommy Meadow's breeding lines and other new lines. Also another female and a male from England, also in March 2009.

Many thanks to Mette (USA) & Fiona (UK)